Legend Hospitality School entry requirements:

• A minimum entry level of the South African school level equal to Grade 12 should have been obtained and completed prior to   enrolment at L.H.S. Students busy with Grade 12 can apply by submitting the results from their last written exam.  
• Prospective students should be mobile and strong in their daily activities as the Food and Beverage and other aspects of the Hospitality Industry require physical heavy duty work and mental capacity.  
• Prospective students should be able to converse fluently in English as this is the predominant language used in the Hospitality Industry and is also the language in which all assessments will take place and also in which all the international examinations will take place 
• Prospective students will be subjected to a personal interview with LHS Management during which their interest in the field and also verbal competencies will be judged. During the interviewing process, a small aptitude will also have to be completed. 

Download the Application form below.
Please complete and email back to: lhs2@legendlodges.co.za